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"We develop tools to support your business in every part of its lifecycle"

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Starting your business

We identify, define and prepare structured business model:

Delivery package includes among others:

  • “Business deck-presentation” ideal for Business angel speech.
  • “Business plan 2 to 5 years”, We build your tailored Forecast model.
  • “Opportunities analysis”. We define SWOT and company strategy.

Growing your business

We support you with digital marketing and customer management:

Delivery package includes among others:

  • Online audience identification.
  • Social media – Fan page and marketing campaigns (ads+email)
  • CRM solutions implementation.(Microsoft Dynamics 365)

Valuing your business

We run fair and market value analysis of your business:

Delivery package includes amoung others:

  • Financial analysis reports, using different valuation methods (Discount Cash Flow, Peers to Peers comparison, EBITDA/EV, CCF….).
  • Data room verfication to check all legal documents.
  • Tailored macro-economic review of your sector.

Steering your business

We help you take data driven decisions:

Delivery package includes among others:

  • Excel and software based Business Intelligence solutions (Power Bi – automatic data refresh, consolidation and visuals results).
  • Web based shared dashboard within your company, including views and KPI per role (operational to management scope).
  • Maintenance + Training sessions to improve final users skills.




 Each new mission, we put together teams of highly skilled professional, to ensure the best advices and deliverables quality. Our main priority is customer experience and satisfaction.

Bachirou ADAMA

Co founder at Hectagon Consulting


Describe your project/idea

Get a free quotation of your project. Provide us with your project details, we will contact you to attend a one to one meeting.

Project description and requirements

We plan meeting sessions with your team to understand and collect expectations in order to formalize requirements.

Project validation

Our experts will prepare and provide a step by step solution in agreement with requirements.

Project implementation

Cloud based or on site solutions will be designed, tested and implemented together with your team.

Project toolbox and maintenance

Training sessions, additional adhoc analysis and maintenance contracts can be added to project deliverables.

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